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    • AK-47 Swarovski Hookah


      The MOB AK-47 Swarovski Hookah stands tall and steady with its wide base and solid metal stem. The AK-47 MOB Hookah does not only look super-special but smokes like a champ. The unique design of the water pipe makes it an eye catcher for all occasions. The MOB AK-47 Diamond comes with a silicone hose, a clay bowl and all other accessories to get you to battle

    • DIAMOND Hookah 34” | MOB Hookah


      Introducing the “Diamond Hookah” with the most unique diamond shaped molasses catcher available to date.

      This molasses catcher helps to deliver a clean smoking experience by trapping all excess tobacco and juices inside the diamond. Due to this unique design the water stays virtually untouched during the hookah session. This German designed hookah measures in at 34” tall. It is composed of a thick heavy glass vase and four hose ports for an easy transition for multiple smokers. The hookah is designed to include a beautiful matching hose handle and specialty funnel bowl piece. This beautifully designed hookah is the perfect gift to share with someone special.

    • SHOCK Hookah


      Finally, a Hookah for CAR Enthusiasts is here! The SHOCK by MOB is easy to distinguish from others not only by its unique design, but also by its excellent characteristics. The shaft diameter is 16 mm, which provides comfortable light traction. A shaft is made of stainless steel, which will ensure the long-lasting service of the hookah.

      Distinctive features of this model:

      Stem is fully moulded
      The inner part is made of stainless steel.
      Traditional draw (blow with air resistance like on classic hookahs)

      Classic removable top plate for charcoals

      Comes complete with a MOB clay funnel bowl, medical grade silicone hose and hookah tongs.

    • Starbuzz Carbine Hookah


      Starbuzz Carbine Hookah

      Starbuzz Carbine Hookah Kit comes in multiple colors, the kit includes hose, bowl and tongs


      • All Terrain adjustable length legs for ultimate Stability
      • Heavy duty deep Anodized hose system in Matte finish medical-grade Silicone
      • LED Adjustable color changing light with remote
      • High-grade Stainless steel precision carbine tongs
      • 360 Degree rotating stem – Detachable
      • 24mm OD adjustable metal diffuser

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