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    • Oblako Phunnel L Glazed Hookah Bowl


      Renowned for its ultra-stylish bowl, Oblako has released a product that can satisfy almost every hookah fan, not only for its reliability and versatility but also for the look. This is a new generation phunnel type cup for hookah.

      Oblako Phunnel L hookah bowl is made of white clay and has a glazed top. Its the biggest bowl between all phunnels from this manufacturer. The capacity of this bowl is above average, around 25-30 grams of shisha, which makes it perfect for larger groups or for those hookah smokers that prefer longer sessions.. Preparing this cup will be faster and even easier.

      OBLAKO uses only human-friendly food glaze developed by partners in specialized laboratories located in Gzhelskoye, one of the traditional ceramic production centers in Russia.

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