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      The MOB Juniper shisha smoking pipe features a minimalist design that is both sleek and stylish. The hubbly bubbly comes fitted with a diffuser that allows you to take a deep, unrestricted pull while keeping the hookah quiet.

      It is definitely what you want if you are after a shisha smoking pipe that takes up very little space, is easy to set up, and still performs like a beast. The high quality stainless steel and hard glass will last years of regular use.

      Why we know the MOB Juniper will capture you:

      • The minimalist design makes it a visually unique hubbly bubbly
      • It is a high quality piece built to last a very long time
      • It makes any smoking session truly fantastic
      • A wide base makes it a very sturdy hookah

      In the box:

      • Stem
      • Tray
      • Glass Base
      • Hose
      • Tongs
      • Bowl
      • Diffuser

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